Working primarily on paper and websites, my art is a balance of chaos and order, assembly and destruction. I use web pages as boundless canvases, on which I combine images and text into arcane collages. With paper, I begin by pouring pools of ink and tea, creating a foundation of abstract shapes and color. Then, I work back in with more deliberate lines to pull out forms, faces, and figures. Regardless of medium, I seek to make work that intrigues on a surface level, but deepens and evolves as you give it attention.

Ultimately, I want my work to be at once familiar and mystifying. As an observer, I want you to pull meaning out of my work while never truly feeling settled, fluctuating between lucidity and enigma. My own process is driven by my own impulse to draw a sliver of order out of something beyond myself, whether it be from a mishmash of cultural elements or the coagulation of liquid on paper. Take part in this endless cycle of uncovery and embrace the evasiveness of comprehension as your mind continues to recognize ever new meanings and associations.

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